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North Koreans must display portraits of Kim Jong-un and other members of the Kim dynasty in their homes and offices.
Heavy rains have caused flash floods and landslides in parts of Slovenia, killing at least three people.
Environment Canada has ended a severe thunderstorm watch for our area
Torrential rain in central Mississippi is flooding roads and sending water into homes and businesses. Swift water washed one car into a ditch, and the driver escaped before the car submerged.
A severe thunderstorm watch issued for the city after 5 p.m. on Tuesday said scattered thunderstorms were expected to move into the region during the afternoon and evening.
Ce jeudi 6 juillet, des pluies torrentielles se sont abattues sur le nord de l'Espagne, provoquant d'impressionnantes inondations dans les rues de Saragosse.
Around 200 tourists, who had thronged to the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh for their summer vacations, lived a nightmare when they were stranded in at least a 15 km-long traffic jam with no availability of hotel rooms for 20 hours because of the blockade on the national highway which connects Mandi and Kullu in the state.
Due to heavy rains forecast over both states till Friday, chances for exacerbation of the ongoing devastation remains high. As a result, IMD has placed both states on an orange alert till Wednesday. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com