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. . The number of starving children in America could rise to 18 million. As a mother of two, Jennifer Lopez works to ensure that children in need receive essential food.
. . An estimated 50 million Americans could be food insecure by 2020. These are the organizations and ordinary people that fill the void.
. . Approximately 4 in 10 Americans experienced food insecurity for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Up to seven million people have signed up for the federal government's grocery stamp program since March, and that won't be long.
. . Thanksgiving is a holiday that revolves around family, friends, and food. While family and friends might be at a minimum this year, there are some organizations across the state trying to ensure that those in need still have plenty of food. Hartford Community Renewal Team (CRT) volunteers helped 24 families load cars with bags of donated groceries into cars on Saturday.
WELLINGTON CENTER - Members of this community and agricultural and culinary leaders across the country mourn the loss of Anita Stewart Resident of Elora, Member of the Order of Canada and gastronomic recipient at the University of Guelph, has passed away the 29 to 73 years old “Anita was a true local champion…
A number of organizations that seek to ensure people are properly fed during the winter months have received financial assistance from Ottawa
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