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Yakult Tetsuto Yamada, an infielder (28), announced on the 10th that he will ponder the exercise of domestic free agent (FA) rights that meet the acquisition conditions during this season. This season, the 10th year, suffered from poor upper body condition, batting average 20% 5
Pitcher Yudai Ohno, who is paying attention to the whereabouts of the exercise of FA rights, made a stunning remark after the final war of the base. At the award event, when the moderator asked about his aspirations for next season, he said, "Where is Uni ... --- Nikkan Sports.com (nikkansports), the news site of the Nikkan Sports Newspaper.with)
ã €€ ä¸æ— ¥ ム»å¤§é ‡ Žé› „å¤§æŠ • æ ‰‹ ï¼ˆï¼ “ï¼'ï¼ ‰ ã Œï¼ – æ— ¥ 㠮ヤクル ト戦(ナ㠂´ãƒ¤ï¼¤ï¼ ‰ ã ®è © ¦å ˆå¾Œã € æ„ ›çŸ ¥ トヨタ㠀 Œãƒ ‰ ム© ゴンズ・ クム© ウン賞㠀€ æœ € å „ªç§ € é ¸æ ‰‹ 賞㠀 ã ®è¡¨å½ ° å¼ ã «ç ™» å ´ã —ã Ÿã € ‚ä» Šå £ ã € æ² ¢ æ '賞㠫゠‚ å å ‰ ã ŒæŒ ™ 㠌㠂‹ çµ¶å¯¾çš „ã‚¨ãƒ¼ã‚¹ã ¯é € šç® — ï¼'åº¦ç› ®ã ®å ›½ç” £ é «˜ç´šis
Hirokazu Sawamura, Chiba Lotte Marines, free agent in Nippon Professional Baseball, MLB, Professional baseball in Japan World news --JP --Lotte's Hirokazu Sawamura is enthusiastic about the US media and anticipates a battle with "dominant...
Katsuki Yamazaki, Orix Buffaloes, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, Nippon Professional Baseball, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, free agent in Nippon Professional Baseball World news --JP --Orix Katsuki Yamazaki retires this season Defensive catcher, 20th year professionalja ...
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