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Fumito Kawai, ABCZ, Tetsuko's Room, Ryôichi Tsukada, Johnny & Associates, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Nippon TV World news --JP --Chidori, a big fir over horse racing and boat racing !? Voice of "It's too funny" ...
ABC-Z Fumito Kawai and Ryoichi Tsukada will appear on Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's crown program "Tetsuko's Room" (TV Asahi, every Monday-Friday 13: 00-), which was broadcast on November 5. There was one act in which Kawai showed off his favorite Johnny's impersonator.
"Prebat !!" (MBS / TBS series) broadcast on November 5th (Thursday) will send the second half of the qualifying round of the haiku title match "Kinshusen" in which only masters and scholarship students will participate. Continuing from the Fire Emperor match this time, the qualifying round was divided into four, with a total of five people, one who passed the first place in each block and one who wrote the best phrase from the second place in all blocks. Advance the frame to the final. A / B
In "Tetsuko's Room" on Thursday, November 5th, ABC-Z Fumito Kawai and Ryoichi Tsukada will appear. The guest this time is Group A, who is said to have good Johnny's "Ichi" motor nerves.BKawai and Tsukada of C-Z. Now it's time to rose besides performance
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