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The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland said its new policy regarding LGBTQ+ expression formalizes “existing guidance and practice” and is in response to “societal trends” at the request of church and school leaders.
On Wednesday afternoon, Environment Canada warned residents in the Glen Ewen and Carnduff area of a thunderstorm that was capable of producing a tornado.
Despite identifying as non-binary, Julia Wright says almost every person they meet assumes they're a woman because of their appearance.
Ron DeSantis touted his leadership credentials and told supporters to “buckle up” as he prepares to announce a run for US president after Florida Republicans passed a series of “culture war” bills.
Darcy Vescio, an AFLW Foundation player, posted the news on social media on Wednesday evening.
Tommy Dorfman sort. Dans une interview avec Time, la star de 13 Reasons Why, âgée de 29 ans, a déclaré à la romancière Torrey Peters qu'elle était une femme transgenre. "Depuis un an maintenant, je m'identifie et je...
"I identify as non-binary and will officially change my pronouns so they can evolve," the singer wrote on Instagram.