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By Vijeth Shivappa News that a global online retail platform has been fined € 746 million (about $ 887 million) by the European Union's Data Protection Authority for violating user privacy laws - the GDPR - has taken...
La plus haute instance législative de Chine a adopté le 20 août une loi très attendue et très stricte sur la protection des données.
May 25th marked three years of General Data Protection Regulation in the UK, with cybersecurity concerns mounting. The UK's data protection authority, the Information Commissioner's Office, recently released data between July 1st and December 31st October...
. . Despite "very different views" between the EU data protection authorities regarding a case of data breaches by Twitter,. December a final decision on the block's first major online cross-border privacy case will be released.
. Le géant de la vente au détail affirme n'avoir "reçu aucun avantage financier" de ces lacunes, qui ont maintenant été "corrigées".
. . Sure, the infamous Schrems II ruling by Europe's highest court in July has upset international trade, but it also has the potential to disrupt the intelligence-sharing consortium known as "Five Eyes.". "
Many verticals suffered losses, uncertainties and shutdowns in 2020 What to expect in data protection in 2021?