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. . At the time of the crash, the aircraft was on a routine training mission. Rescue workers are currently on site to find the missing pilot and the aircraft.
. . The fate and cause of the pilot's crash are unknown. The Fighting Falcon was on a routine training mission, said the Wisconsin Air National Guard.
. . MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Wisconsin National Guard announced that one of their F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets crashed in the US state during a training flight. . .
. . Taipei, november. An F-16 fighter jet disappeared over waters off eastern Taiwan Tuesday night, with search and rescue operations continuing as of this publication, according to the Ministry of National Defense.. . (MND).
. . The move includes about 150 aircraft and comes after a jet plane disappeared minutes after take-off on Tuesday.
The Colorado National Guard will fly F-16 Fighting Falcon jets over Colorado communities on Wednesday to mark Veterans Day.
F-16 fighter jets from the Colorado National Guard will make a flyover to celebrate Veterans Day on Wednesday.