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L'Université du Texas à San Antonio vient de croître d'un Texan de l'Est alors que le quart-arrière de Gilmer Brandon Tennison a signé sa lettre d'intention de jouer pour les Roadrunners.
The City of Gilmer supports the Buckeyes on their way to the 4A State Championship Game in Arlington.
. . East Texas forces Carthage and Gilmer end the Friday Football Fever season with a 4A Div. II State Title Showdown in our AMARK Metals Game of the Week!
. . Fans with signs, balloons and more lined the streets of Gilmer and Carthage on Thursday to support their state soccer teams.
ARLINGTON - The battle of #bEASTTexas titans Carthage and Gilmer for the state championship of Class 4A Division II lived up to its hype early on, but defending champions Carthage scored 42 points