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After a strong rebound from the COVID-induced slowdown in 2021, Indian exports are likely to continue their growth story into the New Year, also due to increased demand in world markets boosting domestic manufacturing due to production-related incentives and implementation of some interim trade pacts.
Sergio Garcia withdrew from the Masters' Championship after testing positive for the Coronavirus
“The challenges of manufacturing and distributing sufficient quantities of the vaccine are large in the meantime, the virus will evolve,” warned Andrew Boyle, CEO of corporate finance, LGB The FTSE 100 ended Monday 276 points higher,...
Get your engine running, hit the highway eh Actually, don't do any of that because we're still shut down
The domestically focussed mid-cap FTSE 250 gained 15% after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday a Brexit trade deal was "there to be done", suggesting his view that the agreement's broad outline was already "pretty clear" was shared in Brussels In company news, On The Beach Group Plc fell 34% after the holiday package provider warned of a hit to seat capacity due to England's four-week ban on international leisure travel
Britain's FTSE 100 Index rose after news of a major breakthrough in the search for a vaccine against the Coronavirus