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Des images virales fausses d’une explosion au Pentagone ont probablement été créées par une intelligence artificielle.

Authorities quickly confirmed that no explosion had taken place but the faked images spread on Twitter for a short time. The incident briefly...

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Une parodie générée par l’IA ébranle les marchés

A stock sell-off driven by a since-debunked picture underscored fears about how artificial intelligence could be used for nefarious purposes with big consequences.

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World news – B&B Spoiler: Zende tries to spend a night in Paris

For some unknown reason, Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) are putting something lucky in their Parisian Smoothie (Diamond White). One of...

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. . World News – USA – London A. . I. Lab claims breakthrough that could accelerate drug discovery

. . DeepMind researchers say they have solved the "problem of protein folding," a task that has preoccupied scientists for more than 50...

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World News – United States – US to accuse Google of protecting illegal monopoly

Government victory could remake one of America's best-known companies and the internet economy it helped define

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World News – US – QAnon: YouTube takes action to purge ‘harmful conspiracy theories’

Social media site says it's taking tougher action to "curb hate and harassment" on its platform