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Google TV, pretty much the "Pixel" experience on top of Android TV on select hardware, already has access to tons of video content from a variety of streaming sources. Most of these sources like Netflix, Disney, and...
. . Three and a half years after Wonder Woman debuted in theaters around the world, fans of the icon [. . . ]]
. . Sorry santa who? Today it is all about the arrival of Wonder Woman, whose latest adventure hits HBO Max in the form of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman in 1984. The early word from critics was pretty positive, but a movie like this is going to be really successful based on what fans think. In order to. . .
HBO Max confirms the details of how to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on the new Chromecast with Google TV before it hits theaters and theaters
. . When Wonder Woman debuts on HBO Max on Christmas Day in 1984, Dolby Atmos won't be supported specifically for Chromecast with Google TV.
. . The latest update to HBO Max for Android TV includes 4K HDR support. In addition to 4K, the update also adds Dolby Vision and Atmos standards.