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A veteran writer at Rockstar Games has quietly left the company after 16 years there, working on GTA and RDR, among other titles.
After 16 years, Michael Unsworth has seemingly left the company behind Grand Theft Auto V
Leaked footage from Grand Theft Auto VI has appeared online, giving us a first look at one of the nightclubs.
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Étant donné que Take-Two travaillerait sur des remasters des GTA de l'ère PS2, l'éditeur n'aime vraiment pas que les amateurs fassent leur travail pour eux, et en particulier le projet re3, un ...
Several GTA mods were recently hit by Take-Two Interactive with a strike under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
It's a lovely Sunday afternoon and we're all preparing for the week ahead, but before we do, let's take a look at the past week and see what juicy tidbits have come from the world of Xbox.
La franchise Grand Theft Auto de Rockstar a rapporté plus de 6,4 milliards de dollars depuis la sortie de Grand Theft Auto V en septembre 2013.
Les fans de GRAND Theft Auto 6 espèrent que GTA 6 sera enfin dévoilé à l'E3, bien que le temps presse.