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The moon will slip in front of the sun, leaving a fiery orange rim in the sky that will be visible for just a few minutes.
Start your day with the latest weather news – Low pressure and tropical moisture moving across the Gulf of Mexico are raising the risk of tornadoes in the Sunshine State. The parched Southeast U.S. is welcoming the rain, however.
Tornado warnings were issued in parts of Florida on Wednesday afternoon as a Gulf Coast storm moves in.
Brace yourself for potential tornadoes and waterspouts in northern and central Florida on Thursday as a substantial amount of tropical moisture advances into the Southeast, ushering in a prolonged wet spell for multiple states in the drought-stricken region.
Even hundreds of miles offshore, powerful Hurricane Idalia clobbered Florida. Floridians and journalists caught some of the wild weather as the powerful storm closed in.
Tracking toward Florida, Idalia is expected to become a major hurricane and impact cities such as Tampa and Orlando along its path. Hurricane Franklin was still a mighty Category 4.
A tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean Sea is now known as Invest 93L. Forecasters say it has a high chance of development. Could Idalia be in the making?
It's getting its act together near Cancun now. Here's what you need to know about this new Gulf threat. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com