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Bridgewater was turned over while diving for a first down and landed on his shoulder and head. The Broncos soon announced that Bridgewater had movement in all extremities and was taken to a local hospital for further...
Le quart-arrière des Broncos, Teddy Bridgewater, a été attaché sur un body board et sorti du terrain au troisième quart contre les Bengals de Cincinnati dimanche. Il a été transporté à l'hôpital par mesure de précaution pour une...
The video of 28-year-old Hibikiryu lying prone for a few minutes before receiving medical attention sparked widespread criticism and questions about why doctors were not present at the ring.
. . Police say the 15-year-old hit her head on the street after falling from the top of the boat area of ​​a car in Pinjarra.
. . The girl was "surfing" on the trunk of a moving car when she fell and hit her head in the street.