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Jody Freeman was a board member at the fossil fuel firm for over 10 years and received more than $350,000 a year in salary and stocks
Amid a flurry of revelations around artificial intelligence and mounting concerns about its ethics, one student organization is working to show that the technology can do some good.
Spread the loveIntroduction: Indoor plants can have a transformative effect on any space by introducing a touch of nature into your home. Not only do they serve as natural air purifiers, but they also help to create a healthier and more inviting environment. However, not all plants are suited for indoor living or can thrive in low-light conditions. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants that can survive and even flourish without direct sunlight. Here is a list of some of the best indoor plants for low light, clean air, and easy care. 1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) Also known […]
The tassels have been turned for college-bound students across the country, as recent high school graduation ceremonies have come to an end. Their focus now tur
Les universités suisses s'affichent en léger repli dans un nouveau classement international. Exception notable, l'Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Zurich (EPFZ), toujours meilleure université d'Europe continentale, progresse de deux rangs.
Some graduate schools don’t let students borrow enough for basic needs like food and medicine, Aliya Sternstein and Charles Pruett write.
La phase d’admission de la nouvelle plateforme s’ouvre ce vendredi 23 juin. Faute de places supplémentaires, le risque de voir des étudiants déçus reste élevé.
Plus de 300 000 lycéens ont coché le droit parmi leurs vœux sur la plate-forme d’orientation pour l’enseignement supérieur dont la phase d’a