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Dans le premier épisode du podcast "Wooooo Nation Uncensored", Ric Flair a fait de Hulk Hogan un ami proche et l'a remercié pour ce qu'il a fait pour lui
A Miami art collector last week sold a 10-second video artwork for a staggering $ 6.6 million, Reuters reported.
. . Tommy "Tiny" Lister, best known for his portrayal of Deebo in the Friday franchise, has died at the age of 62. According to TMZ, Lister was found unconscious in his home on Thursday ...
. . The next Thor movie will have an "Avengers 5 feel" to it due to its huge cast.
. . Chris Hemsworth looks massive as he preps for a lead role in the upcoming biography of the Hulk Hogan movie. Look at how jacked he is.
Bret Hart took issue with Jake Roberts' recent statement calling Hart and Shawn Michaels "the worst world champions of all time"