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Locations that could be impacted by this system include Amherstburg, LaSalle, McGregor, Colchester and Harrow.
A tornado warning has been issued for part of central Manitoba on Thursday.
Tropical Storm Hilary brings widespread flooding and small landslides, as authorities fear more significant damage could be coming.
Tropical Storm Emily formed in the eastern Atlantic Basin Sunday morning. Guided by high pressure, the storm is expected to curve north over open water and poses no threat to land
As Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California, experts offer tips to help you prepare and stay safe during hurricane season.
Start your day with the latest weather news – Wildfire smoke pouring into the U.S. from Canada is making for hazy skies and unhealthy air for millions of Americans in the eastern part of the country.
Officials with Environment and Climate Change Canada say that hurricane Teddy will not be as bad as 2019's hurricane Dorian.