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Sen. Tim Scott used his closing arguments during the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday night to take a shot at trans women participating in women's sports.
Criticism focuses on the change to the appearance of the actor who directs, co-writes and stars in Maestro, biopic of the conductor and composer
Trois nouvelles élections régionales pour le concours Miss France ont eu lieu la semaine dernière.
Now we know: The work employers and institutions have done since the murder of George Floyd has been largely cosmetic.
Tim Shriver and Loretta Claiborne join Robin Roberts in Berlin ahead of the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics World Games.
Tax documents from 2021 revealed that Target funded NDN Collective, which pushed to demilitarize the “violent” US military, shut down Mt. Rushmore and impose sanctions on Israel.
The chicken sandwich chain’s diversity chief said the brand's committed to “respect, understanding, and dignity,” apparently antagonizing the reactionary right.
Last Saturday in Culpeper, Right the Record and partners honored 321 men who wore the blue uniform and the insignia of the United States of America during the Civil War.