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If you're a jet, from your first teaser trailer to your December release day, you're a jet! Your first look at scenes from Steven Spielberg's new adaptation of the musical "West Side Story" came during the...
Emerald Fennell brought a special guest to the 2021 Oscars on Sunday night.
The Oscar race for the best actresses is as close as it will be in 2021.
Jason Keelar, CEO of WarnerMedia, sent an internal memo on Tuesday announcing company-wide layoffs with a restructuring of AT&T's media division about HBO Max
WarnerMedia layoffs are on-going, CEO Jason Keelar revealed to employees Tuesday by email We don't yet have an approximate number of jobs that will be affected TheWrap gets a copy of that memo Kellar holds a meeting at City Council on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing reorganization with employees, writing: “We have reached Today, to a number of difficult decisions that resulted in a smaller WarnerMedia team. ”This is a post to remove layers and the impact of merging previously separate organizations. Read also: WarnerMedia Reorg: Toby Emrich to oversee HBO Max Original Films Job cuts will begin today in North America, Keelar said they are continuing In evaluating non-American companies, Keelar says that those affected will receive termination services, health care and professionalism. “For our departing colleagues, I wish there were words to relieve the pain of today. Your contributions are a permanent part of this great company and today's news does not change that.” “I am very grateful for all that I have done. Tags for this team and this task I hope you look back at some point with great pride "Below is the full Kilar email. Read also: WarnerMedia To lay off thousands of Coronavirus Hammers Team - This is a very painful email to write and for a number of you who are reading this, I realize it will be more painful for them to receive it that's why I'm sorry, in August, I shared for the first time news on how to purposefully change WarnerMedia's organizational structure (which necessitated (Among other elements, simplifying how our entertainment studios are organized, raising HBO Max, and consolidating our business activities into a single organization) Many of you have waited patiently to hear how the reorganization will affect you personally, which is both inconvenient and stressful at the same time limiting the period of no Certainty This is one of the many reasons we so desperately pushed us to get this job done as quickly and as thoughtfully as possible, although it may not have felt fast enough. I would like to thank you all for continuing to do your best, despite this difficult period and the extra pressure for each Another thing that's happening in the world I previously shared how important it is to develop how we operate in the context of better customer service for us as I mentioned a few months ago, this entails simplifying the way we organize, partnering with the best storytellers, and focusing on For world-class products and technology as we share our stories directly with audiences around the world, our journey entails continuing to excel in our large core businesses while simultaneously investing in emerging businesses where we have the opportunity to meaningfully delight customers. Today, we came to a number of difficult decisions that resulted. About the WarnerMedia Team Smaller This is a post to remove layers and the effect of merging previously separate organizations starting today in North America, we will be sharing jobs that have been canceled and roles that have changed We are continuing to review proposed changes in other countries via our non-U.S. Companies, and their timing will vary according to local regulatory requirements. In this is easy but please be aware that these reductions do not in any way reflect the quality of the affected team members or their work. It is simply one of the functions of the changes that I think we must make in order to better serve customers and for those affected, we will provide termination and healthcare packages, In addition to professional services and team member assistance programs, while I expect from an organizational point of view, S. Things stabilize financially in the coming weeks and months (we've worked hard to make this process a beginning, middle, and end), I don't want to suggest that our future is fixed instead, our future revolves around inventing better ways than ever to move the world through story. Which involves embracing change I have all the confidence in this world-class team to do so Please join me in City Hall tomorrow at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PDT as I will try to answer as many of your questions as possible you can start posting Your questions here to our colleagues who are leaving, I wish there were words to ease the pain of the day your contributions are a permanent part of this great company and today's news does not change that I am very grateful for all that I have done for this team and this task I hope you look back sometime with great pride until then JasonRead, please stay healthy and safe, original story WarnerMedia Layoffs in progress: Read CEO Jason Kellar's internal memo on TheWrap
Today began a big round of anticipated layoffs last month at WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler sent an email to employees this morning, admitting that the process was "painful" but
WarnerMedia kicked off a new round of layoffs In a note circulated Tuesday morning, CEO Jason Keeler wrote, “Today, we came to a number of difficult decisions that led to
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