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. . Chris Columbus says there is a script for "Gremlins 3" and that he would only use minimal CGI to decide on practical dolls.
. . Chris Columbus said he'd love to do Gremlins 3 and promised that Gizmo wouldn't be CGI in the movie.
. . If ever it's actually done, director Chris Columbus says Gremlin's 3 effects would stick with puppets instead of using CGI VFX instead.
. . It's been thirty years since the Christmas classic Gremlins came out, and since then there has been talk of a third film to add to the franchise. Upstream writer Chris Columbus says that if the film is ever made, it will continue to use dolls and stay away from CGI like the first two films. With CGI
. . The original Gremlins from 1984 remains a cult classic for many film fans. Steven Spielberg produced [. . . ]]
. . Gremlins and The Goonies screenwriter Chris Columbus teased Gremlins 3 is still in the works. And the creatures will NOT be CGI.