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CM – The View’s Sunny Host Ana Navarro Tests Positive For COVID Mid-Episode, Ended Live Broadcast – Watching

The View's live broadcast took a chaotic turn on Friday when co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro learned in the middle of the...

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CM – Red Velvets Joy is together with Crush, Sungjae fans are « happy » for the couple

Joy and Crush from Red Velvet worked together on the song 'Mayday' in May 2020 and they are said to have stayed in...

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CM – Breaking: Red Velvets Joy and Crush Confirmed as Dating

In response to the previous report, SM Entertainment and P NATION both commented, « They were in a senior-junior relationship, but they recently started...

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CM – How Americans across the country first celebrated June 10 of this year as a national holiday

Though celebrated long before it became a federal holiday, Juniteenth was a cause for celebration across the country this year.