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Many cities and states are observing the day. Here’s some of the history behind it.
The trial in the New York attorney general's civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump, his eldest sons, their companies and several executives begins this morning. Follow here for the latest live news updates.
Federal prosecutors have accused Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey and his wife, Nadine, of accepting bribes in exchange for official actions by Mr. Menendez.
Prosecutors allege the Democratic senator and his wife accepted gold bars, cash and a Mercedes-Benz
The Democratic senator and his wife allegedly accepted gold bars, cash and a luxury car.
Mr. Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, was charged six years after his trial in a different corruption case ended in a hung jury.
The group of conservatives formally announced they would oppose a clean short-term spending fix, meaning Kevin McCarthy will have an even harder time keeping the government open come fall.
It is always difficult and risky to prosecute national leaders with some popularity among their people.
Jack Smith was a top war crimes prosecutor at The Hague before he began investigating Donald Trump.