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The Lord of the Rings and now Gran Turismo star talks TG through his cars
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are years into a suit over their purchase of a mansion in affluent Montecito, whose owner says he lacked mental capacity to sell.
Looking for a tasty and refreshing summer mocktail? Katy Perry tells us all about her apéritif line's new flavor in an exclusive interview.
Luke Bryan is planning to take a much-needed step back from work after what he describes as a “rough year.”
Katy Perry showed off her new bangs haircut in an Instagram video while promoting her non-alcoholic drink brand, and some fans had to do a double take! The Grammy winner is no stranger to epic hair transformations (from blonde pixie cuts to long, wav...
Luke Bryan said he's going to 'slow down a few things' in his career after a 'rough year' so he can spend some more quality time with his family.