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Australia's position is at odds with several other developed nations as they work to get rid of coal by the end of the decade.
A government rift on climate change has widened after a senior national claimed the party had not been "very clearly" consulted on Scott Morrison's. move to net zero emissions. The Prime Minister said on Sunday that...
Resource Secretary Keith Pitt was challenged on QandA for saying Australia was "ahead" because it had not committed to more ambitious emissions reduction targets.
. . With Australia isolated from climate change, Resource Secretary Keith Pitt has rejected a statement by the United Nations Secretary-General on global warming.
. . The financial regulators are grilled together with banks and insurers by a parliamentary committee, which is supposed to investigate financial institutions because they are withdrawing loans and insurance to mining companies due to climate change.
. . An unusual feature of the science of climate change is the fact that fossil fuel companies like Exxon were among the first to study climate change, how human activities accelerate it, and what it is. . .
. . OPINION: The Paris Agreement urgently needs to be updated to allow large exporters to take responsibility for the emissions from burning fossil fuels overseas.
Today some of Australia's leaders in nuclear medicine will meet to discuss the importance of nuclear medicine, research and radioactive waste
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