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. . After closing its processing facility in Ontario in 2014, Heinz will soon be preparing ketchup in Canada again. Yo. s. Food conglomerate Kraft Heinz Co. It announced in a press release on Tuesday that, starting next summer, it will be producing 100 million pounds annually of ketchup at a facility outside Montreal. . The ketchup will be ready for consumption in Canada and will create around 30 jobs at the Mont Royal facility in Montreal. The company said the investment is part of a partnership with the Quebec Government's Business Expansion Program. Heinz ketchup sold in Canada was made at a processing facility in Leamington, Ontario. But the company ended that process in 2014. This led to consumers boycotting the iconic product and creating an unexpected boom for French competition. More is coming
. . / CNW / - Kraft Heinz Corporation announced today that production of Heinz ketchup for sale in Canada returns to Canada from the United States. . This is an iconic condiment. . .
. Kraft Heinz announced that most of the ketchup sold in Canada will be manufactured at its Montreal facility, starting this summer..
. . It comes six years after leaving Ontario's tomato belt causing some Canadians to criticize and switch brands Kraft Heinz Corporation. It plans to make ketchup in Canada again, six years after...
The food maker said increased demand for groceries during the coronavirus pandemic allows the company to exceed sales expectations for next year
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