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The city-state has also announced travel plans with Finland and Sweden, meaning it now has deals with 16 countries.
Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Singapore and Vietnam later this month, becoming the highest-ranking official in the Biden government in Asia to date.
Le vice-président Kamala Harris se rendra à Singapour et au Vietnam le mois prochain pour renforcer les relations et les liens économiques des États-Unis avec la région indo-pacifique, a annoncé vendredi la Maison Blanche.
Restrictions are expected to be relaxed starting June 13, when cases drop, while testing even those who look good or are not showing any symptoms on a regular basis.
SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has requested unspecified damages, including serious damage, from the author of an article on the 38 Oxley Road saga published on The Online Citizen social policy website.