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James, 21, is carving her own legacy away from older brother and Chelsea right-back Reece James, who regularly appeared alongside his sister at junior level
Harvard Law School professor and noted defense attorney Charles Ogletree has died at age 70.
Sherri Shepherd paid tribute over the weekend to her former View boss Bill Geddie, who died July 20 of coronary-related factors. He was 68. Shepherd, who served as a View co-host from 2007 to 2014 …
Trinity Rodman is not only looking to win the Women’s World Cup – but also escape the shadow of her NBA legend father. The 21-year-old – daughter of Chicago Bulls icon Dennis R…
James Gunn a trouvé un Green Lantern, une Hawkgirl et un Mister Terrific pour le premier film du nouvel univers DC.
Alors que la grève des acteurs est de plus en plus proche, le Superman : Legacy de James Gunn accueille trois nouvelles recrues.
Les embauchent continuent chez DC Studios. Si le film de James Gunn n'a pas encore mis un nom et un visage sur le nouvel acteur chargé d'endosser le rôle de Batman (prévu au scénario, en amont d'un long-métrage The Brave & the....
The “Ghostbusters” star on filming John Landis’ 1983 status-swap comedy, working with Eddie Murphy, and how he looks back at that blackface scene today.