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. . The Alberta government said the newly introduced provincial administrative penalties law, known as Bill 21, will make the provincial roads safer by immediately imposing tougher penalties for driving disruptions.
. . Lethbridge police are investigating after someone drove through the front entrance of the Honkers Pub at around 6am. m. On Sunday.
Raymond Canadian Mounted Police warns drivers of unnecessary travel in southern Alberta after several accidents on a major road in the area
The search covers a 10-year-old Raymond boy who has not been seen since leaving for school this morning Raymond RCMP urge residents of southern Alberta town to watch Myles Gilbert, who left his home around 7:45...
Raymond, Alb residents asked to be looking for a 5th grade student who was last seen walking to school Monday morning in the southern Alberta community
RCMP and search and rescue personnel in southern Alberta conduct a ground search for a young boy who went missing after walking to school