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Lorsqu'ils comparent les deux sénateurs démocrates modérés influents de l'Arizona, les militants latinos disent que seul Mark Kelly donne l'heure de la journée aux membres de la communauté hispanique, mais l'histoire est plus compliquée que cela.
"Mark Kelly will quickly be the fourth NASA astronaut to serve in the US Congress," writes Folks DevNull127 newspaper shares his report: in a tweet on Wednesday he said he was "deeply honored" to to have been elected and to sit in the seat as soon as it was detained by the late Sen John McCain Are tired…
Former NASA astronaut and Senator-elect Mark Kelly congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on their electoral victory
Space veteran set to become senator after special election in Arizona
Space veteran set to become senator after special election in Arizona
Newly-elected US Senator Mark Kelly and his brother Scott Kelly took part in a groundbreaking 4-year NASA study to uncover the long-term effects of space on the human body For nearly a year, the twins suffered the same medical tests - one on board the International Space Station and one on their return to Earth The results, published in the journal Science, reveal that a year in space has significant but non-fatal impacts on the human body, offering hope that a longer-term trip to Mars is in fact possible in the future
Newly-elected Arizona senator joins exclusive club of astronauts-turned-politicians
Des élections législatives ont eu lieu aux États-Unis mardi en même temps que les élections présidentielles
If he's victorious Nov. 3, the Democrat, former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords might take office in time for the vote.