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. . A music store in Queensland, Australia has given in to public backlash and stepped back from policies that called for a ban on customers wearing masks.
. . A Queensland company has raised outrage over a sign banning “fragile” masked people from entering.
. . A Queensland music store has caused outrage over a sign banning "fragile". People wearing a mask are not allowed to enter.
. . The guitar store in the Moreton Bay area of ​​Queensland has sparked online anger over its decision to ban masked customers from entering the premises.
. . A sign on the front door labeling mask wearers as "fragile" also contains a number of unsubstantiated claims about viruses.
An emergency declaration was made around 845am and encompasses the Morayfield Shopping Center complex Members of the public are urged to avoid the area
An emergency declaration has been issued for the mall which contains Coles, Big W, Target, Woolworths and Kmart stores