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Find out about the best Netflix films, nominated for an Oscar in 2021 and receiving 35 nominations.
. . You have to be creative, develop ideas and be disciplined when implementing them. This is the exciting story of a 25-year-old entrepreneur. Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman is the founder of the JMulan Agency. Based in Houston, Texas, her interest in the entertainment and media management industry was piqued at an early age. Once …
. . At the end of the year this was nothing out of the ordinary, leave it to the fans to report on & TV Shows movies that kept everyone sane and entertained through lockdowns, marathons at home, and patiently waiting for the Thanos Marvel movie.
Alors que de nombreuses institutions cherchent comment se positionner contre le régime de Xi Jinping, le musée de Nantes a fait son choix après s'être vu proposer une revue de son exposition par l'office du patrimoine de Pein
Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” crossed the $200 million mark globally, propped up by overseas grosses while U.S. cinemas struggle to draw audiences during the coronavirus pandemic. T…
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