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Kari Lake took issue with the NFL allowing the Black national anthem to played before the opening game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions.
In this seasonal series, ESSENCE will feature free and free-ish events that you should.
On June 12, 1963, Evers was assassinated at his home in Jackson, Miss., by a Ku Klux Klan member. While other leaders pushed for equality across the U.S., Evers focused on his native Mississippi.
As a steadfast advocate for diversity in the fashion industry and other sectors, Hardison is all about what's ahead.
Ron DeSantis’s war on ‘wokeness’ is part of a larger effort to make Black people feel unwelcome, their identities un-American
The 25-year-old black man's death sparked protests in Akron, Ohio, last year after police released footage of gunning him down.
Walker was killed in an encounter with police in Akron last year after officers tried to pull him over for an alleged traffic violation, sparking protests.
"Prenez le temps d'en savoir plus sur Juneteenth et ce que cela signifie, mais aussi sur l'histoire afro-américaine."
The NAACP recognizes the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and the WNBA Players Association with the Jackie Robinson Sports Award for their support for women and the work of the union for social justice.
. . ENERGY customers could automatically switch to a cheaper tariff if their current contract ends under an industry shakeup plan.