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. . The NRL premieres juggle one of the most uncertain squad situations in the club's history.
. . Geelong Falcon Tanner Bruhn is confident that if he finds a home in the AFL National Draft on Wednesday evening, he can make an impression immediately. The extremely talented 18-year-old is often pointed out by expert experts that his name will be mentioned in the first round, with Essendon, who holds picks 6, 7 and 8, showing up as a potential applicant. “If I'm lucky enough to get into the (Top) 10 - even if I'm not and slip a bit - that's still my goal to get into a club and try to really make an impact as soon as I'm there, ”said Bruhn. "I would like to play games in 2021 and hopefully start a good and healthy career. "I'm where I want to be (with my body) if not further than I thought. "I've been feeling great after this little surgery since the beginning of the year. "I'm just ready to go. NAB LEAGUE: HIGH FLYER A MODEL FOR HENRY Bruhn has barely played ten games in the last two years when he was battling knee problems. However, it hasn't stopped connoisseurs from singing its praises, as Bruhn's form as a 16-year-old justifies him entering the discussion as a top 10 player. At the U16 championships he was an average of 17 years old. 3 exits to earn the Vic Country MVP Award and all Australian awards. "He reads the game exceptionally well and has very good fundamentals with his clean hands, the power over his head and the use of balls by hand and foot," said AFL Talent Ambassador Kevin Sheehan. “An excellent contested ball winner, but an injury cut his 2019 season with just three games at the end of the year, including the futures game on the MCG on AFL Grand Final day. “Looked impressive in the NAB AFL Academy camps for Victoria Country this summer, showing his demeanor, class and polish, suggesting he was set for an exciting season. Bruhn has felt comfortable with the expectations associated with his performance in 2018 over the past two years. "I'm a pretty reluctant person so I was just trying to get my business done all the way," he said. “My injury probably helped me control what I could control and make it the way I do. "It was a challenge on the way with pressure and the challenges that I had to overcome. "But I think I handled it pretty well and it will benefit me. ". Bruhn, a junior with CStownANDCHAR Chilwell in Newtown, announced that he had met with multiple clubs more than once but downplayed the bogus drafts and expert predictions. "There are a lot of articles and articles out there right now, but I try not to read into too much and listen to what my manager (Paul Connors) is saying," he said. He gave me good feedback and things I need to know and understand about the design. "It's obviously good to see . . .