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Uncharted fans weren't thrilled after Mark Whalberg shared photos of his portrayal of game character Sully
The latest evidence comes from Tom Holland's Instagram (as well as the official Uncharted Twitter account), where he shared a photo of himself in full Nathan Drake costume. Holland has a pretty young face in general, but he looks the part overall - and the whole vibe of the shot screams “Uncharted” in a pretty satisfying way Providing even more evidence that the Uncharted movie is a real thing, Nolan North posted photos from a tour today on Twitter
Sony Pictures and the writers of the film Uncharted have decided to play the card of the film recounting the young years of Nathan Drake Therefore, the services of the historical voice of the hero of the series rated not required But did not prevent the latter from '' to visit his replacement
Uncharted video game star Nolan North shared the first look at Sony's film adaptation of the Naughty Dog Playstation series, starring Spider-Man's Tom Holland as the young version of Nathan Drake
Uncharted film actor Tom Holland weighed in on new photos emerging from the set of []