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One of Celtics legend Bill Russell's NBA Finals records was broken early in the Nuggets vs. Heat series.
Rolling report: The Heat play host to the Nuggets in Game 3 of the NBA finals at Miami’s Kaseya Center. Follow all the action with Hunter Felt
Following a victory to open the 2023 NBA Finals, the Nuggets star took time to acknowledge a couple Portland Trail Blazers talents.
Dr. Jody Forstot is riding with the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. He's competing against his brother who is cheering for the Denver Nuggets.
KITCHENER, Ont. — When Canadian NBA star Jamal Murray was a teenager at the Orangeville Prep Basketball Academy, he declined to have a mobile phone for most of his two years with the program.
Porter's jumper betrayed him in Game 1, but his 11 contested shots and 13 rebounds were a sign of his impact — and his growth — for Denver