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Check live updates on Surya Grahan October 2023, Date and Time in India, solar eclipse October 2023. The event of an eclipse in the solar system may be astronomical, but according to astrology, its benefits and losses have far-reaching consequences. There are four eclipses this year. In which, the solar eclipse (Surya Grahan 2023) occurring ... Read more
Strong tremors were felt in Delhi Tuesday after multiple earthquakes hit Nepal - of 4.6 and 6.2 magnitude within 25 minutes of each other, a third of 3.8 magnitude 15 minutes after, and a fourth of 3.1 magnitude 13 minutes later, at 3.19 PM IST.
Back to work after a long weekend, people in Delhi-NCR ran out of their offices this afternoon as two earthquakes hit the national capital back to back.
Broncos players complained about the noise that blasted through the Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park where they were staying on Saturday night.
Nepal's famed Gurkha soldiers fought in the Indian army for decades - but a new hiring plan threatens that.
YuppTV obtient les droits de diffusion de la Coupe d'Asie 2023
An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 struck Pakistan's capital Islamabad.