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At least one driver was rescued from a car, and others abandoned their vehicles, after flash flooding from fast-moving thunderstorms. More rain is expected through Saturday.
August 29 is the International Day against Nuclear Tests, aiming to promote a world without nuclear weapons.
"Dion could be whatever the hell Dion wants to be," Nevada defensive line coach Al Lapuaho said. "Only guy who blocks Dion in my opinion is himself. It's just m
Tropical Storm Hilary brings widespread flooding and small landslides, as authorities fear more significant damage could be coming.
The lake's levels have recovered slightly after above-average snowfall supplemented the reservoir with snowpack melt.
Hilary is continuing to barrel towards the Baja California peninsula as a Category 1 hurricane, but is expected to weaken to a tropical storm.
Trevor Boucher, lead meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Nevada, pointed to a digital map showing purple over northwest Arizona and southeastern Nevada. It’s the first time the service has used purple — it’s most significant storm color indicator, he said. Then, he issued ...
The National Weather Service for Las Vegas issued a flash flood warning in a portion of Southern Nevada following
La joueuse de l’Asvel a grandement participé, en sortie de banc, au premier titre décroché par la franchise de New-York Liberty à l’occasion de la Commissionner’s Cup, compétition de la mi-saison en WNBA, qui regroupe la meilleure équipe des conférences est et ouest sur une série de dix matches (deux contre chaque adversaire de sa conférence).
"Seek higher ground in and be prepared for flooded washes," the National Weather Service warned as heavy rain is predicted to hit the area.