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Even as India-Canada relations turn cool, India's mines minister Pralhad Joshi holds talks on critical minerals with Raj Pillai, premier of mineral-rich Canadian territory Yukon
As Good Friday falls on April 7 (Friday) and is followed by the second Saturday and Sunday so, one needs to note that many banks will remain closed fro three days in a row
Bangladesh needs better coordination with neighbouring South Asian countries in its quest for cleaner air, a World Bank report said on Tuesday.
Selon le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères, l'expansion de la présence militaire occidentale en Asie, telle que proposée par AUKUS, risque de mener à un conflit prolongé dans la région. Lavrov a précisé que les civilisations asiatiques ne suivront...
Natural gas wins, given the forecasts for increasing demand when the weather gets cooler
Shashi Tharor's remarks came when Congress said the day is celebrated as Unemployment Day, Farmers Day, and High Price Day.
As previously reported, senior BJP leaders said the party will seek to put the day in the nation's history as the day a record number of Covid vaccinations were recorded.