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Her remarks came in response to the arrival of 1.76 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Egypt on Friday evening
GENEVA, Switzerland - The WHO chief called on China on Thursday to be more cooperative and demand more access to raw data in the next phase of investigations into the origins of the pandemic. In a...
PARIS (AP) - Le vaccin potentiel COVID-19 de Sanofi et GlaxoSmithKline a déclenché une forte ...
President Joe Biden's administration has adopted a largely hands-off approach to vaccination records.
After a year of scientists trying to understand Covid-19 and developing treatments and vaccines to stop its spread, the Cleveland Clinic is partnering with IBM to use next-generation technology to advance health research - and possibly prevent the next public health crisis.
Conjunctions occur when one planet's orbit around the sun aligns with that of another planet, making them appear as if they are orbiting in close proximity when viewed from Earth.
Small changes in people's writing style can reveal what social group they "belong" to at any given time, new research shows.
. . TOKYO (AP) - The daily list of confirmed coronavirus cases in Japan hit a record for. . .
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - The Danish Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the government