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President Joe Biden's administration has adopted a largely hands-off approach to vaccination records.
If you watch videos of the great 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan, the tsunami it triggered can be easy
. . Live updates on the farmers 'protest: Another round of hectic parleys between farmers' leaders and the Union government took place on Saturday at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. Farmers' unions held on to demand that the government repeal the three farm laws, and on Aug.. December gave a call for "Bharat Bandh". The farmers have threatened to step up agitation and block more roads to Delhi if the government does not withdraw the three farm laws. On the other hand, the government says it understands farmers' concerns and is willing to hear them in order to find a way out. Follow IndiaToday. The LIVE blog provides the latest information on the farmers' protest.
. . Space enthusiasts in Tokyo watched with nervous anticipation on Saturday as the Japanese spaceship Hayabusa2 successfully separated a capsule and sent it to Earth to deliver samples from a distant asteroid that could provide clues about the origin of the solar system and life on our planet.
. . Frank Lampard admits that this weekend it will be impossible to ignore Olivier Giroud after the striker's four midweek Champions League goals.
. . The first underground sample of an asteroid is expected to land in Australia in 12 hours.
. . Samples from a 4th. The 5 billion year old asteroid, collected by a Japanese spaceship in two extraordinary touchdown maneuvers, lands in the outback of South Australia.
. . TOKYO (AP) - Japan's space agency said the Hayabusa2 spacecraft successfully detached a capsule and sent it to Earth to provide samples from a distant asteroid that could provide clues about the origin of the solar system and life on our planet. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said the capsule successfully emerged on Saturday afternoon. Solved 000 kilometers away in a challenging operation that required precise control. The capsule will now land in a remote, sparsely populated area of ​​Woomera, Australia on Sunday. Hayabusa2 left the asteroid Ryugu, about 300 million kilometers away, a year ago. Now that the capsule is released, it moves away from Earth to capture images of the capsule as it descends onto the planet. Yuichi Tsuda, project manager at the JAXA space agency, stood up and raised his fists as everyone applauded as command center officials confirmed the successful separation of the capsule. Hayabusa2's return with the world's first asteroid underground samples comes weeks after the NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx successfully acquired surface samples of asteroid Bennu via touch-and-go. China, meanwhile, announced this week that its lunar lander was collecting underground samples and sealing them inside the spacecraft to return to Earth while space developing countries participate in their missions. Many Hayabusa2 fans gathered to watch the moment of capsule separation at public tours around the country, including one at Tokyo Dome Stadium. In the early morning hours of Sunday, the capsule, protected by a heat shield, briefly transforms into a ball of fire when it re-enters the atmosphere 120 kilometers above the earth. About 10 kilometers above the ground, a parachute will open to slow its fall and beacon signals will be sent to indicate. . .