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US stock index futures fell Sunday night after a week of losses on Wall Street amid concerns about politics, Fed policy and the fast-spreading Omicron variant of COVID-19. Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00 futures, -1.22%, slipped...
"Today's Pfizer news is a welcome step in the right direction," Trip Advisor Chief Executive Officer Steve Cowver told CNBC.
It's founder Henrik Fisker's second round Will things be different this time around?
Federal health officials lift their ban on US waters cruises this weekend, allowing the industry to prepare to resume travel as coronavirus cases increase globally
The actress and her husband pleaded guilty in May to conspiring to get their daughters admitted to college as rowing recruits, although neither took part in the sport
Before resuming business operations, companies will need to undergo CDC testing of the security of their protocols, the agency said.
"If it doesn't represent the work of CDC, it shouldn't have the CDC's logo on it," former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC.