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NOSTRADAMUS is viewed by legions of fans as the foundation for the outbreak of World War II in 1939 to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 - but did the French mystic predict the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969?
. . He recently hinted at a television comeback after stepping back from the limelight to focus on his production company, Roving Enterprises.
. . Bad news for those who bet on a better 2021 - according to French astrologer Nostradamus, it will only get worse. The astrologer from the 16th. Century, which marked some of...
. "Get out there and support our regional communities and explore the natural beauty of our state. "
. The Queen used her Christmas speech to urge the British to look forward to a "new dawn".
. . The Chinese central bank on Sunday urged the Ant Group to work out a concrete plan as soon as possible to meet regulatory requirements and fully understand the seriousness of the "rectification work" required.