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Officials from the Professional Standards Command have investigated an alleged attack during the arrest of a teenager in Ward Park on Monday June 1, 2020. A male police officer who is now in command in the southern...
Another officer was injured by accidentally unloading a firearm. The officer was cleaning his service pistol in a closed room at Gasparillo Police Station when it slipped out of his hands. Related title :...
Brett Forte police partner, who worked with him the day he was shot and killed by well-known criminal Ricky Maddison, has told an investigation that the police needed more protection.
8 correction officers charged in connection with the attack and death of Seremaia Naidole Momo, a prisoner arrested in 2019, have been released on bail by the US government
Four officers were approaching the car parked on a reservation when the drama broke out.
Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck, who is currently one of the few black CEOs at a Fortune 500 company, will retire in June, ending a nearly 30-year tenure with the company.
Madison eventually opened up the "innocent" chats she and Alex Rodriguez had after rumors of their alleged affair spread
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