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Lighting the Al Davis Memorial Torch prior to a Raiders game is a big deal. Let's take a closer look at who will be doing the honors this week.
“The emotion is hard to watch,” D.C. Fire and EMS Chief John Donnelly said after delivering the news that several dogs have died in the flooding inside a pet day care and boarding facility in Northeast.
Led by principal owner John W Henry, members of the Fenway Sports Group have flown to London to take in the club’s opening game at Stamford Bridge
This story was excerpted from Brian McTaggart’s Astros Beat newsletter. To read the full newsletter, click here. And subscribe to get it regularly in your inbox. Monday’s trip to the White House won’t be the first for Astros manager Dusty Baker, which should come as zero surprise for the most
At Cold Spring Brook Farm in Berlin, owner Eric Peterson says they were hit with torrential rain on Tuesday. “It deluged. In about 30 minutes, we got three inches of rain,” said Peterson. Roads were washed out and fields, including for eggplant, were saturated. “You get huge standing puddles like you see behind me which kind of have to be…
A 4-year-old dog from a Concord Township farm will travel to New York City this month for her second consecutive appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, in what her owner expects to be …
Gerry Cardinale will not be present at tonight's game between AC Milan and Napoli, contrary to previous reports. However, the Rossoneri owner has sent a message to the squad.