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Witnesses report large ‘fireball’ in sky at Severn Trent Green Power facility but no one is thought to have been injured in the blast
Un incendie était toujours en cours sur le site d’une usine de gestion de déchets, causé par l’explosion d’un conteneur de gaz sans doute frappé par la foudre.
Une violente explosion s'est produite dans une usine de recyclage de déchets alimentaires, lundi soir, à Oxford, en Angleterre.
Images and video shared online show the sky to the north-west of Oxford light up with flames.
A huge fireball has been seen in Oxfordshire after reports of an "explosion" in the area.
. . Nearly 250 new Covid cases were identified in the county in one day, more than 90 of them in Oxford.
. . New levels are announced today that will reveal the fate of Oxfordshire for the holiday season.
. . The government has announced that once the lockdown is completed on Jan.. December will be subject to Tier 2 restrictions (High Alert). The government states that this tier applies to areas with higher or rapidly increasing levels of infection that need some additional restrictions. You can find out [...]
. . THE WHOLE of Oxfordshire will be released on Jan.. Added to Tier 2 December when national lockdown ends.
. . It was announced on Thursday that after the lockdown ended on Jan.. December 2020 will be included in Tier 2. Mixing of households indoors is not allowed below this level. The “rule of six” applies to outdoor meetings. Pubs and bars are not allowed to serve drinks unless they accompany "extensive meals" and the venues must stop [...]