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Pour les scientifiques, il s'agit d'une preuve suggérant que les dinosaures, qui dominaient pourtant la faune au Cétacé, pouvaient être attaqués par d'autres animaux préhistoriques.
Selon une étude, le plus grand lézard de l'histoire vivait au sud de l'Australie, il y a 50 000 ans. Sa taille et son poids étaient sans commune mesure avec les mensurations de la majorité des scinques actuels.
World-renowned Kenyan conservationist and fossil hunter Richard Leakey, whose groundbreaking discoveries helped prove that humanity evolved in Africa, died on Sunday at the age of 77, the country's president said.
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In contrast to bones and shells, which can last for millions of years, soft tissues are seldom preserved as fossils.
In another intrigue on ancient predators that once terrorized the seas, researchers have identified a new species of mosasaur, this one with long, skinny crocodile-like jaws.
Three-foot skull found in Morocco has been identified as belonging to Gavialimimus almaghribensis, a new type of mosasaur identified by researchers at the University of Alberta
Oksoko avarsan is said to have grown up to two meters in length with only two functional digits on each forearm