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Ford CEO Jim Farley rebuffed comments by United Auto Workers President Shawn that the company is not taking bargaining seriously.
Phoenix's Skylar Diggins-Smith said on social media Thursday that the Mercury have not allowed her to use their practice facility while on maternity leave this season.
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday predicted that the supply chain problems the U.S. is facing will last through 2022, but stressed that Congress may pass President Joe Biden's infrastructure proposal
Le secrétaire aux Transports Pete Buttigieg a déclaré que le congé pour s'occuper d'un nouvel enfant dans la famille ne devrait pas être considéré comme des vacances.
Joe Biden's struggle to get America back to normal after the pandemic is proving to be far more drawn-out and complicated than initially thought, with huge political implications for the president and his party.
A nationwide survey of fathers and father figures conducted by the leading nonprofit, The Fathering Project, revealed an important snapshot of the ...