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PETE Davidson has repeatedly used a derogatory term toward women- and his inner circle is surprised he hasn’t been called out for his behavior. An insider close to Pete told The U.S. Sun they…
Multiple police departments are searching for nine juveniles who escaped from Abraxas Academy, a detention center, in Pa. Sunday night.
Danelo Cavalcante allegedly shot and killed his friend Valter Junior Moreira dos Reis in the town of Figueirópolis in the northern Brazilian state of Tocantins in 2017.
Thanks to the pilots clever manoeuvring, the plane dodged firstly United Flight 175, which went on to strike the World Trade Center, and then Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania
On September 11, 2001, terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people and injured more than 6,000 others in the worst attack against the homeland in our nation’s history. Today we honor their memories and stand with the families and friends of those who perished in New York City, Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The men and women […]
Spider lightning illuminated the night sky in Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 7, as the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region.Slow-motion footage taken by Oliver Knapton shows forks of lightning sprawling across the sky in Delta, near Pennsylvania’s southeastern border with Maryland, on Thursday.Sharing the video on X, Knapton wrote, “Best lightning show I’ve ever seen.” Credit: Oliver Knapton via Storyful
Northampton County has released updated information on damages caused by the severe flash flooding that took place in July. WDIY’s Sarit Laschinsky has more.