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Novavax Inc. said on Monday it was on track to start a late U-program - a late-stage-based study of an experimental coronavirus vaccine later this month.
The region currently has 210 active cases of COVID-19, nearly double the 107 cases reported by Waterloo Public Health this Halloween.
Latest case numbers, exposure alerts and guidelines: Here's your daily update of everything you need to know about the new Coronavirus status in BJ Here is the daily update on everything you need to know about...
Durham Police are investigating a bomb threat on Port Berry High School. Police evacuated the school at about 4 am on Monday. Nearby HS Cornish Public School was placed in a closed and safe place as a precaution. Durham County School Board said that reservation and safety at HS Cornish was lifted soon after. Short and
Durham Police are investing in the matter after a bomb threat against Port Berry High School on Monday The school has been evacuated and the others nearby have been placed in.
Police said Port Berry High School was evacuated after receiving a threat on Monday afternoon