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Au plus fort de la coupure, 250 000 clients ont été touchés. RTE précise que le courant est revenu partout à la normale après 22 heures.
A huge fireball has been seen in Oxfordshire after reports of an "explosion" in the area.
Breaking, Friday, Sept. 29, 8:45 p.m. — Over a thousand PG&E customers are currently without power in Durham, according to the utility company's outage map.At a
Video captured the moment one girl at Clark Atlanta University had her leg stuck between a door and a fridge, as downpours swept through the city on Thursday
Spider lightning illuminated the night sky in Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 7, as the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region.Slow-motion footage taken by Oliver Knapton shows forks of lightning sprawling across the sky in Delta, near Pennsylvania’s southeastern border with Maryland, on Thursday.Sharing the video on X, Knapton wrote, “Best lightning show I’ve ever seen.” Credit: Oliver Knapton via Storyful
The current track has Idalia making landfall in the Big Bend region but the Tampa Bay area will see dangerous storm surge, high winds and inches of rain.
A storm with strong winds caused damage in areas of Grand Rapids, Lansing and metro Detroit.